The forest of Villecartier

The forest of Villecartier is only 12kms from us and has some great activities for families. Whether you just want a quiet walk around the lake, or something more strenuous, like the Tree Top Adventure (Accro-branches) there is plenty to do here, whatever the weather. There are 2 children’s play areas, and in the summer months poney rides and electric boat rides on the lake. The tree top climbing is available from April – October, and can be done from age 5 plus (not recommended for vertigo sufferers!). There is a pretty 2,5km walk around the lake, and many other longer walks available. A lakeside bar/restaurant is open all year round.

Villecartier forest is an ancient royal forest of oak and beech trees of over 4000 acres, and is a remnant of the original forest that once covered all of Brittany. In the past the nearby town of Bazouges la Perouse was home to woodcutters, shoemakers and sawmills and in the 18th and 19th century wood from the forest was used to make thousands of wheelbarrows which were used in the reparing of the dykes in the Dol de Bretagne marshes. More recently, in 1944, the forest loggers were requisitioned by the Germans to provide logs for “Rommel’s Asparagus’ – fortification of the Atlantic wall. The logs were driven into fields along the Normandy coast in order to make it impossible for the allied gliders to land.
Today the forest is dedicated to leisure and nature lovers. Crossed by hiking trail GR34 – GR39, it is also a great place for horse riding.

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